One Off Hospitality

Mobile responsive websites for Avec, Bigstar, Blackbird, Publican, and The Violet Hour

One Off Hospitality originally came to me to have mobile versions of their websites built. We decided to use responsive design as our method of making the sites mobile friendly. The sites were built as single page apps and making them responsive unearthed some interesting challenges and solutions.

The sites were originally created by One Design Company. My idea was to leave everything that they had created intact, but to also make the sites function uniquely on phones and tablets.

One Off Hospitality was looking to give visitors the feel of their unique establishments while quickly getting them the vital information they needed without any extra clicks. We decided that information was:

  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Ability to make a reservation
  • Address
  • Menus

Ruby had to be written in order to keep the desktop sites the same while delivering all the information we wanted to a single page in the mobile view. Some CSS trickery hid the irrelevant information in the desktop view, but allowed me to keep the single page Ajax interaction of the desktop site.

Enabling the back button in the mobile view was the reverse logic of the desktop sites. The menus needed independent URLs and to have their own page loads to function correctly in order to not confuse users.

Finally, we added a ‘mobile message’ to the mobile views so we could target information to visitors who were arriving from their phones. This allowed us even more flexibility of content, even though the mobile sites are the loading the exact same page as the desktop sites.



Publican Quality Meats
The Violet Hour
Big Star