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Over the past couple years of working full-time at Wright, I have taken on the roles of designer, developer, and database engineer.

It’s been a great learning experience to manage and maintain a large-scale website through the huge changes in web-technology that have occurred.


  • Managed re-platforming of entire app from PHP to Python
  • Industry-first full-browser Item View
  • Industry-first additional content drawer
  • Increased image production workflow and quality through automation
  • Responsive design for auctions on mobile devices
  • Multiple database migration and sync

Handling Content

Along with art director Jennifer Mahanay, I designed and developed an industry-first item view which takes advantage of the full browser window making the item appear as large as possible without any need to zoom. The description is placed in an information bar at the bottom of the window. Upon hover or scroll, the bar moves up to reveal additional details.

For items with large essays, videos, historic photos or other additional content, we developed an additional content drawer that pulls up from the bottom of the page and responsively delivers the many forms of content that an auction item may need to provide.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 3.25.24 PM copy


Responsive Design

Although the site was not originally built on a front-end framework, I added responsive design into the pre-existing site to accommodate day-of-auction users on their mobile devices. The analytics on tablets rose substantially. 18% of auction traffic is from iPads alone which makes sense because many of the clients are dedicated print catalog readers looking for an interactive catalog experience.


Production Workflow

On the production side, I have built custom software tools in order to handle the incredibly fast paced image workflow of over 2,000 in-house high resolution images making it to the web each month. From Photoshop batch actions, to custom Python renaming scripts, these tools are necessary to process the amount of content we are creating.

Modern Design, 29 March 2012 < Auctions | Wright



The largest project I have worked on was re-platforming the site from a PHP-based Codeigniter site to a Python Django app. This was done over the course of 5 months in co-ordination with Joe Curlee of Kaiju Tech. What was created was a leaner, faster, more secure, contemporary site that allows much easier future development.



Since I am the only full-time developer at Wright, there have been times I’ve needed to bring in assistance for projects. I have found great joy in organizing projects and keeping projects on track. I also learned in order to pull off big ideas well, you need many viewpoints to cover your angles. In addition to Kaiju Tech, I have also managed outside development for the site with One Design Company, Mess Marketing and others.

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